Experience Bayou Country

Just 55 miles from New Orleans, Louisiana's Bayou Country contains over 2500 sq. miles of mysterious swamps and vast wetlands. Terrebonne Parish offers unique attractions, affordable lodging and delicious dining that’s influenced by our Cajun culture and hospitality. Come experience all the exotic, the mysterious and flavorful excitement that’s found only in Louisiana's Bayou Country.

Discover our colorful lifestyle, lively music, unique dialect, world-famous cooking, rich history, heritage and hospitality.

Come discover the joie de vivre, or love of life that’s ingrained into every aspect of our centuries-old culture. You’ll experience it at our two-week long Cajun Mardi Gras celebration. You’ll see it in our boisterous fetes, festivals and fais do dos. You’ll hear it resonate within our colorful Cajun language and distinctive music; and you’ll taste its rich flavor in our world-famous Cajun cooking. Louisiana's Bayou Country has a uniqueness, that defines us as a whole--as a people, a culture, a community. It originates from our unbridled love of life, music, food and camaraderie and it’s woven itself into a rich, robust and sometimes unexpected tapestry of life found nowhere else on earth.