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Regional Cuisine

Gumbo is one of the oldest, most prized Cajun dishes. It’s a dark and savory mix of rice, seafood, okra and other vegetables in a broth made from a brown roux, chicken stock and tomatoes. The primary seasonings in gumbo are filé powder made from ground sassafras leaves, bay leaf and thyme.

Étouffée is another favorite Cajun dish—a stew made with crawfish. Typically served over rice, étouffée is made from many of the same ingredients as gumbo, but it is cooked longer and allowed to thicken. The flavors of the seasonings and the crawfish meld with the tomato-based sauce and turn into a wonderful meal made for sharing.

Jambalaya is a lot like Spanish paella, with its delicious blend of seafood and ham in a spicy tomato base. Like many Cajun dishes, jambalaya gets its flavor from a balanced mix of green pepper, celery and onion. Jambalaya is typically cooked up with the rice in the same pot, which allows the rice to soak up many of the flavors from the seasonings and broth.

The po'boy sandwich is another regional favorite. Often made with fried shrimp, tomatoes, and lettuce on French bread, the po'boy sandwich sometimes features a special rémoulade sauce (think: mayo, mustard, Cajun seasonings, pickles, garlic, paprika and horseradish).

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